manual / laboratory measurement solutions for solar modules

IV testers are used in a wide range of module laboratories, from R&D facilities to certification and QC labs. A high-performance laboratory tester is needed to meet the diverse requirements of these labs and the different module technologies. Our Moduletest4 can be configured according to the requirements of each task.

Independently certified by TÜV Rheinland and fulfilling the A+A+A+ criteria of the latest IEC60904-9 Ed. 3.0 certification, the Moduletest is a piece of equipment your lab should not be without.

Powerful features, such as the fully automatic climate control chambers, which are fully integrated into the system, enable an automated measurement cycle. In combination with the temperature control system and the climate chamber (Therm-package), the Moduletest complies with all the requirements of IEC61853-1 for STC, NOCT, LIC, HTC and LTC.

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The Moduletest4 is the 4th generation system from halm. It is an IV measurement system designed for high-end R&D, laboratory and quality control requirements. The programmable pulsed solar simulator provides highly stable irradiance over long flash durations from a single light source. The system includes a sun simulator, the IV measuring system and an optimized dark chamber. By combining the qualities of a projection flasher system with a large variety of options, the system enables laboratories, test facilities and R&D departments to evaluate almost every aspect of modules.

The versatile system can be upgraded with a variety of hardware and software options, such as the electroluminescence imaging solution or a temperature-controlled test chamber.

The Moduletest is certified by TÜV Rheinland as class A+A+A+ according to IEC 60904-9 Ed. 3.0.

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halm's Therm-Package-M is an optional bundle for Moduletest4 systems that adds a temperature-controlled chamber to the Moduletest4 IV measurement system. It consists of a thermal chamber for the module being tested and a powerful temperature control unit that allows temperature sweeps from 15 °C to 75 °C. This enables the precise determination of temperature coefficients and complete power rating measurements.


Our EL-package-M adds high-resolution electroluminescence imaging to the halm module IV measurement solutions. Visualizing a wide range of defects provides significant benefits for in-line quality control and research applications. The solution is integrated into the PVControl software and enables seamless data processing and analysis in one system.