improve your PV yield with halm solutions

If you're looking for benchmark PV performance testing and high-end measurement systems, you've come to the right place. halm testing systems cater for all photovoltaic production stages. However, should you not find the fitting answer to your challenge in our portfolio, speak to us – finding the perfect system for each customer spurs us on.

unrivaled end of line control for a competitive advantage

which solution is perfect for your needs?

halm offers IV testers and other advanced characterization systems for the entire lifecycle of a PV product. Select your product from below for quick access:

worth knowing – what halm can do for you

How does halm testing boost your business?

In solar panel and cell production, every fraction of a percent increase in IV transformation into energy translates into greater market competitiveness and, ultimately, your bottom line. It also helps maintain your edge over competing companies.

How does halm test?

Our IV measurement devices are indispensable for helping producers to minimize defects in all stages of production. We offer different devices to cover every use case. One thing they all have in common: unmatched precision and accuracy, a modular system design, and unlimited upgradeability. This ensures a remarkable service life and unrivaled security of investment.

halm R&D – knowledge is (solar) power

What makes halm the market leader in PV testing?

The solar industry is one of the most volatile and fast-changing industries on the planet. To ensure halm continues to lead the PV testing industry from the front, we invest unceasingly in refining existing products and devising innovative new systems. Fully one-third of our workforce in Frankfurt am Main in Germany is devoted to the engineering of cutting-edge solutions.

How can halm products be integrated into existing systems?

Any prudent manager seeks to safeguard past investments. We're no different. That's why our guiding principle is to offer our customers the greatest possible flexibility and processing options. Consequently, all our products are based on a modular system that can be easily expanded and updated to the latest technology even years later, thus ensuring maximum security of investment.