manual / laboratory measurement solutions for solar cells

Without exception, PV industries around the world are closely connected to laboratories. This is hardly surprising since accurate and reliable measurement data are the key to effective R&D and quality control.

Halm offers turnkey systems for measuring solar cells. Their modular system design enables the flexible configuration of multiple additional measurement options such as EL, IR, GR and SR.

Adaptable cell contacting allows contacting of all common cell formats and contact (print) layouts.

The optional "Therm" addon upgrades our cell tester into a fully automatic, temperature-controlled measuring system. Complex measuring programs (measuring matrix on different illumination intensities at different temperature levels) can then be run fully automatically.

All our testers meet the stringent A+A+A+ criteria of the latest IEC60904-9 Ed. 3.0 standard and are designed to produce reliable results 24/7, all year round.



The BF in Celltest4-BF stands for bifacial, and is a system that enables synchronous illumination of the front and back of the cell, allowing precise determination of its overall performance. This makes a detailed investigation of the cell in different illumination situations possible. The intensities and illumination times of the individual light sources (flasher) can be configured independently. It permits particularly long illumination times (flash durations) and offers a wide range of customizable measurement parameters and advanced analyses for measuring cells.

Advanced software analysis methods such as SunsVoc, 2-diode fit, and doping concentration are optionally available.


Our base model, Celltest4, is a state-of-the-art laboratory cell tester for the PV industry. It features a flexible system layout and a wide range of optional hardware extensions such as EL [electroluminescence] imaging, hotspot (IR) detection and a spectral response measurement option, as well as additional software options. Taken together, these extensions can transform Celltest4 into a fully integrated cell characterization system.

The tester offers a wide range of customizable measurement parameters and advanced analyses to measure cells. It also enables extremely long flash durations, an important factor when examining or measuring modern, high-capacity solar cells. Advanced analytical methods such as SunsVoc, 2-Diode-Fit and doping concentration are also available as a software feature.

The lab tester's cell contacting feature can be configured to accommodate the desired cell type and geometry. Contacting options include conventional pin contacting and advanced contacting layouts for e.g. busbar-less solar cells.

The Celltest4 can also be retrofitted to a Celltest4-BF later, making it a future-proof investment.