halm software

Every halm system is supplied with our application software PVControl. When purchasing your equipment, you can opt for software with additional features that further optimize process control and data acquisition, or upgrade it at a later stage.

Complex industrial systems can only exploit their full potential with good software. This is especially true for industrial measurement systems, where software plays several key roles. In addition to data acquisition, it facilitates data visualization, analysis and monitoring, as well as reporting and alerting in the event of deviations.

halm software – a virtual measurement data system in its own right

halm software is an essential complement to our high-end measuring instruments and is supplied with the respective products.


Our PVControl application software fully integrates all available measurement hardware options into one user interface. A configurable, multilingual user interface provides convenient access to its powerful features. PVControl software is supplied with all our products.


PVCockpit is an optional factory-wide software tool that collects, monitors and analyzes production data in real-time. The in-house developed software provides tangible added value by enabling the visualization and analysis of data both in real-time and offline. It is operated via the web-based front-end, which is available on the client's intranet. PVCockpit makes it possible to:

  • display real-time and historical measurement data from multiple production lines in one view
  • accumulate IV and EL (Electroluminescence) measurement results from any line connected to the cockpit server
  • analyze and compare IV and EL measurement data
  • visualize your production lines' statistical data
  • monitor your production systems in real-time
  • export data and graphs to create reports