Solutions for solar modules in production

h.a.l.m. measuring systems represent high-end photovoltaic performance testing. Beside their technical quality, h.a.l.m. is an excellent partner for cell or module manufacturers because of a well-established service and support with fast response time, readiness of customizing solutions and years of experience in the market. h.a.l.m. offers a scope of trainings and lectures and is always willing to share knowledge and know-how with its partners.

Find out about the specific solutions for either cell or module production by browsing below.

All over the world, h.a.l.m. delivers well-established in-line module performance measuring systems. These class A+A+A+ tunnel and tower module tester can be designed for module sizes of up to 3 m x 2 m and integrated in full- or semi-automatic environments. 

• Spectral mismatch < 12.5% 
• Spatial non-uniformity < 1% 
• Temporal stability < 0.5% 

The h.a.l.m. module testing series for production lines offers: