Sun simulation

The class A+A+A+ h.a.l.m. xenon flashers cetisPV-XF2 are outstanding in many ways. Due to the sophisticated power-regulation system, the flasher is able to do freely defined light pulses. This offers highly time-stable flashes with an irradiance variation of less than 0.5% during flashes of up to 200 ms. Above that, the flash can be configured with several intensity steps to measure the IV curves of several irradiances within one flash (e.g. 1000 W/m², 500 W/m² and 200 W/m²). The flash curve may also contain a decreasing ramp to enable the Suns-Voc evaluation. 

In the last years, h.a.l.m. has put a lot of effort in improving its spectral performances. The newest filter goes far beyond the IEC class A requirements. The spectral mismatch below 12.5% can be considered as class A+. 

Not just in spectral mismatch and temporal stability but also in spatial uniformity the h.a.l.m. sun simulator exceeds class A with a non-uniformity of <1% for module testers.

The power segment of the flash-control device is designed to allow long light pulses as well as short recharging times. For cell lines, the newest heavy duty system is able to run 60ms flashes in 1 s cycles. For module systems, repetition rates of 10 s with 60 ms flashes can be achieved.