The h.a.l.m. software solution PVControl follows the principle of presenting all acquired data and keeping all parameters editable. PVControl allows highest flexibility in controlling the flash and configuring all measurements. This leads to customized data presentation and analysis. All of these make h.a.l.m. measuring devices powerful and flexible.

The h.a.l.m. software solution PVControl has a modular design and allows for a large number of different standard configurations. This allows every hardware item used within a h.a.l.m. system (IV curve tracer, flasher, grid resistance, safetytester, thermography, electroluminescence or temperature control) to be controlled out of one PVControl software system.

PVControl has many common PLC and MES interfaces implemented, which allow high compatibility to hardware automation and data systems in production environments. This includes Digital IO, Profibus & Profinet for PLC and XML, SQL & SemiPV2 for MES.

PVControl has numerous integrated extended analysis options. Different ways of series and shunt resistance determination can be configured and compared. Different curve fits can be used like the 2-diode fit according to Burgers (ECN) or special evaluations like the Suns-Voc measurement. These analysis methods can be used in lab as well as in line.