IV curve tracer

The heart of h.a.l.m. systems is the curve tracer cetisPV-CTL1, which measures the IV curves of PV cells or modules. IV curves are measured by connecting the PV specimen to a varying load. h.a.l.m. uses active electronical 3-quadrant loads, which allow measurements in negative voltage and even negative-current zones. This enables dark curves, advanced analysis, and more reliability in measuring Voc and Isc.

Following the h.a.l.m. philosophy of enabling as much flexibility and edit ability as possible, the sweep of the active electronical 3-quadrant load can be configured in numerous ways. Users can control direction, speed, timing, and measuring point distribution in order to get the best results out of their specific cell technology. The h.a.l.m. load even allows hysteresis measurements within one single flash, which allows measuring of high- efficiency cell technologies.